Annuity Investment

November 1, 2008

My previous post I have defined that “what is annuity investment?” But there is a question arises that who should buy this plan, and its beneficial plan or not.

The answer for the question that “who should buy this plan?” then I would give the answer that any individual who have been retiring from his service and has received a large amount from his Provident Funds, can invest the amount in a pension plan or annuity fund available in the market since it is the most satisfactory method of providing a safe and secured income for the rest of his life.

The benefit of this plan is that, by buying an annuity or a pension plan the annuitant receives guaranteed income throughout his life. The person receives lump sum benefits for the annuitant’s estate in addition to the payments during the annuitant’s life time. And also tax benefits are available with this plan

Some Money Saving Tips

October 21, 2008
  • Retirement saving may be the ultimate goal; it’s not always a motivational one. Break long-term goals into chunks. Find the saving goals that can be completed in just a few years.
  • The trick to becoming an effective saver is identifying with a saving goal that provides you with the motivation needed to get the job done.
  • Don’t think of the money you spend as a percentage of your total income. Think of it instead as a percentage of your potential savings.
  • This is straight from your Money or Your Life. Time literally is money. Each dollar in your paycheck represents some amount of time it took for you to earn it. Figure out how much time a dollar is actually worth to you, and you can begin to see your expenses in a whole new light.
  • Think that you’re not just saving to be able to do what you want at the end of your life, but to also to be able to do the things you want today.
  • Its been said that always save for the right sorts of reasons those which are life-enhancing reasons and you will no longer think of saving as miserly.